April 7-9 2023

International Fair Grouds, Nicosia – Cyprus

Exhibition’s Profile

The CONSTRUCTIONS Exhibition is the unique and specialized professional exhibition of the construction industry of Cyprus, oriented to inform the professionals of the field but also to the extroversion of the companies!

We welcome you to the most comprehensive building exhibition, the 10th CONSTRUCTIONS exhibition, Paint Colors-Insulation Materials, Bathroom-Kitchen, Renovation, Spring Residence. Parallel exhibitions, the 17th SAVE ENERGY Energy Savings (Cooling, Heating, Air Conditioning) Exhibition and the 3rd ELECTRON.NET Exhibition with Security Systems, Audiovisual Systems, Television and Electronic Systems and Advanced Technology Systems.
The 0th CONSTRUCTIONS CYPRUS exhibition gathers all the professionals in the field, civil engineers, architects, contractors, builders, installers, insulators, building materials distributors, decorators and public, to anyone who builds or renovates.
The presence of all honors the construction industry and is essential!
√ Building Materials √ Thermal Insulation Materials √ Insulating Materials √ Paint Colors
√ Prefabricated Buildings √ Metal Buildings √ Industrial Gratings √ Gutters
√ Wall Coatings √ Scaffolding √ Aluminum Frames
√ Interior frames √ Security doors √ Timber constructions
√ Flooring √ Carpets √ Kitchen / Bathroom √ Building Machinery
√ Hand Tools √ Hydraulic Electrical √ Automation-Equipment
√ Software
The 10th CONSTRUCTIONS CYPRUS Exhibition is sponsored by the Civil Engineering Association-SPOLMIK and the Federation of Building Contractors Associations of Cyprus.
Do not miss the biggest meeting in Cyprus!
With the creation of a large and united exhibition, we attract a high number of professional and public visitors while also offering a new dynamic to the sectors that are represented.
Your participation in the exhibition offers significant benefits that you can not ignore, therefore book your stand NOW!

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